What is lokki.cloud?

Simple explanation: lokki.cloud is a real-time upload and transfer service for files.

Longer explanation: lokki.cloud allows you to transfer files from one device to another easily.
lokki.cloud is different from other upload services as it doesn't store your files permanently but temporarly, just for the time you are transferring the file.
You don't just 'spread your file into the world'. With lokki.cloud, you have to connect to your transfer-partner first - your file will be specifically delivered to this partner only.
Privacy is a priority at lokki.cloud: As soon as you are done transferring, our system will delete your uploaded file and other information about it from our servers - just like you never uploaded it. We will only analyze your files to make sure they comply with the law - not for analytics.
Your file, including its metadata (filename etc.) will only be briefly stored in our servers RAM to ensure your privacy.